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About Grade Right

Grade Right (NZ) Ltd is a private company set up in 2000 and fully independent of any sawmilling or timber-producing company.

Grade Right (NZ) Ltd, is an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) qualified to assist and audit companies producing structural timber and who are operating preservative treatment plants. The Grade Verified Programme applies to all structural timber that is Visually Stress Graded (VSG—what is termed visual grading currently) or Mechanically Stress Grading (MSG) that requires verification under the New Zealand Standard NZS 3622:2004 "Verification of timber properties". Under our Grade Verified QA programme, we monitor and audit about two thirds of NZ's producers of structural timber plus two companies in Chile who produce MGP10 and F7 products for either Chile or Australia. Our Treat Right QA Programme monitors and audits about 25% of NZ's treatment plants.

Unverified structural (or framing) timber may be phased out over time to ensure that all structural timber is "fit for purpose".

From early 2006, Sawmillers and other producers of structural timber for use in New Zealand have been required to have this timber independently verified and confirmed as suitable for use in house building.

These are the Grade Verified Timber brands of
Grade Right (NZ) Ltd. Full brand on left and simplified version below. Either brand can be used.

Technical Support

Grade Right staff are available to assist at all stages of the process, including training of QA staff.

Adjudication Service

This is an optional component to the Grade Verified programme, but one that we would recommend for a number of reasons and designed to benefit architects, engineers, builders, local authority building inspectors and home owners.

As a continuation of the work currently undertaken by Grade Right (NZ) Ltd.

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