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“When Paul Carpenter established the wider range of consultancy to support the Dept of Building and Housing initiative for better quality control of treating and strength verification we quickly decided to support his initiative. This was because he and his staff are very experienced, and technically competent. We decided that if Quality Assurance was to be professionally done then we needed Auditors who were experienced as well as knowledgeable. We have been very happy with our decision.” Keith Reay, Managing Director and Co-owner of Northpine Timber Ltd, Waipu and Silverdale.

“Max Birt Sawmills decided to bring Grade Right Ltd aboard as a partner at the beginning of our Grade Verification Programme (both as our auditing body and technical advisors). We have no doubt that this decision has played a significant role in our success at becoming a leader in the production of verified framing for both the domestic and export markets. Grade Right has helped us understand the resource and technology we have available to work with. Their staff have been available at all times to give technical advice and resolve any issues that have arisen. They have been willing to listen to and evaluate any ideas out of the normal and are very timely with their feedback of acceptance or suggestions. Because the auditing process itself is a great educational tool and often after audits our staff are looking to simplify and improve the way we do things, we are making frequent updates to our procedures manual, in turn increasing our efficiency. Max Birt Sawmills would highly recommend Grade Right to any business within the timber processing industry as an auditing authority or a technical advisory role." Steve Clayden, Technical Manager Max Birt Sawmills Ohinewai and Pokeno.

In general terms I think being part of the grade verified programme, the treat right programme is of huge benefit to KLM.
The one specific example that stands out for KLM is in the treatment plant.

Reduced uptakes reduced moisture content of treated timber and improved unit costs.

Work that was done with the Treat Right team was very valuable with the significant improvements we have made over the last 18 months in the KLM boron treatment plant. We have reduced the need for high chemical uptake.

This has had the following effects
• Reduction in chemical costs and subsequent reduction in unit cost.
• Reduction in MC. By adding less chemical we are also adding far less water so the increase in MC from treating is now less
• One problem we were getting was complaints from customers for wet timber. The changes that we made in the treatment plant (along with other process improvements) have virtually stopped any complaints about wet timber. Duncan Oakley | Site Manager Kiwi Lumber (Masterton) Limited

"Technically capable, practical and experienced staff who are prepared to assist in resolving and issues that arise. Grade Right contributes positively to the operation of our business and has a broad understanding of the whole timber industry which is important. All the Grade Right staff interact well with our employees and are respected for their input and knowledge."
Greg Glossop Eurocell Wood Products Ltd

""In early 2013 Mamaku Sawmilling Co Ltd attained certification under the Grade Verified Programme with Grade Right (NZ) Ltd.
During the verification process it was highlighted that some variances existed in the grading of timber being produced for certification.

The company's two timber graders have less than 2 years experience within the industry. Whilst they are familiar with NZ Grading Standards both have been trained inhouse using grading specifications specific to our customers requirements.

At our request Grade Right (NZ) Ltd were contracted to undertake independent assessment and ongoing training with our graders.

Benefits for staff have been:

• One-on-one time spent at grading station and auditing graded packets.
• Clarification of grading specifications.
• Confidence to grade under pressure and within specification.
• Keen to improve.
• Access to an experienced trainer in a working environment.

It is proposed that ongoing training visits by Grade Right (NZ) Ltd continue."
Rob Archibald Financial Controller Mamaku Sawmilling Co Ltd

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